June 25th 2018



Clockhouse Live Reading

Clockhouse London Writers were delighted to be invited to read in the Dugdale Theatre, Enfield on the evening of Sunday 24 June 2018 as part of the first-ever Enfield Literary Festival. With Clockhouse founder Allen Ashley hosting the evening, the group presented a range of short stories, novel excerpts, poetry and flash fiction covering all the bases from ghosts, dragons, mermaids and unicorns; passing through high fantasy and medieval palaces on to Victorian Gothic, transformative animals and on to ecological concerns, near-future wars, artificial intelligence, spaceships and aliens. The evening finished with our dramatic collaborative piece “The Clockhouse Players Present”. Readers were: Allen Ashley, Gary Budgen, Rima Devereaux, Sarah Doyle, Stephen Oram, Cassandra Solon-Parry and Sandra Unerman


June 12th 2018

Clockhouse at the Enfield Literary Festival Sunday 24th June 2018 at 7pm

Allen Ashley hosts a reading of science fiction and fantasy themed flash fiction, poetry and novel excerpts from the members of north London’s most-acclaimed collective of science fiction and fantasy. Prepare to have your mind transported.
Tickets : £5 – Book Here

2017 Roundup


News from Sandra Unerman

Sandra Unerman’s novel Spellhaven is out now from Mirrorworld Publishing. She also has some short stories in the pipeline. Every Midnight was in Swords and Sorcery online in June; Gammer Lobstone in the anthology Fall into Fantasy, out in September and The Ghost Wood in the September issue of Aurora Wolf online.

More details of Spellhaven can be found here:



News roundup May 19th 2017

Stephen Oram launches his new collection of near-future sci-fi shorts, Eating Robots and Other Stories. Join him for an evening of author and actor readings, as well as responses to the stories from experts in the field. And afterwards, he’d love to say hello and sign books over a drink or two. Standard £5 ticket includes a copy of Eating Robots (£6.99 on the night) Step into a high-tech vision of the future with the author of Quantum Confessions and Fluence, Stephen Oram. Featuring health-monitoring mirrors, tele-empathic romances and limb-repossessing bailiffs, Eating Robots explores the collision of utopian dreams and twisted realities in a world where humanity and technology are becoming ever more intertwined. Sometimes funny, often unsettling, and always with a word of warning, these thirty sci-fi shorts will stay with you long after you’ve turned the final page.

Stephen Oram will be launching his fabulous debut short story collection “Eating Robots” on Tuesday 6 June at Lights of Soho. 6.30pm start. Tickets include a copy of the book:

Eating Robots

Roshni Beeharry has a blog post about London up at Litro magazine’s website:

Sarah Doyle and Allen Ashley both have poems (Sarah – “The Scots Girls of Great Yarmouth” and Allen – “Pub Crawl”) in the new anthology “Best of British – an anthology of poems about Great Britain” from Paper Swans Press

Allen also has a new short story “Red Against Blue” in issue 4 of “The Fenland Reed”

Gary Budgen’s story, ‘The Wild Gloves’, is in Victim, from Thirteen O’Clock Press, edited by Dorothy Davies. Available:


News roundup January 15th 2017

News from Allen Ashley and Gary Budgen


Just before Christmas Allen Ashley and Gary Budgen celebrated the launch of their books. Allen’s is the novel The Planet Suite, Gary’s is the collection Chrysalis. Gary gave a reading of the story ‘Black Ribbon’, and a merry time was had by all. Here’s a mug shot of the occasion:



Sandra Unerman’s latest stories are in Aurora Wolf for September 2016, Three Drops from a Cauldron, MidWinter 2016 and Hammer of the Gods, a Viking anthology published by Rogue Planet Press. Her fantasy novel, Spellhaven, is due out from Mirrorworld Publishing in August 2017.


From Mirror World site:

Introducing Sandra Unerman, author of Spellhaven

2017 is here and the Mirror World family is growing again! We’re extremely proud to be able to announce that UK author, Sandra Unerman will be joining us with her fantasy novel for adults, Spellhaven.

14th August 2016


Sandra Unerman’s story, The Drinker of Tears, was the BFS story for June,  circulated with the members only bulletin. Her story, The Night Hound, is included in Detectives of the Fantastic, vol IV, published by Thirteen O’Clock Press.

15th May 2016

Review of Creeping Crawlers edited by Allen Ashley from Black Static 52. Not only is this book edited by Allen of Clockhouse London Writers but also includes stories by David Turnbull, Robin Lupton and Gary Budgen of Clockhouse.


Editor Allen Ashley has a pleasing mix of new (to me) talent and the “usual suspects” in his line-up for CREEPING CRAWLERS (Shadow Publishing pb, 396pp, £11.99), including several writers whose work will be familiar to readers from the pages of Black Static.

            Ashley lays out his stall with an introduction in which he casts a wary but appreciative eye over mankind’s relationship with our tiny fellow inhabitants of planet Earth, delineating the love/hate relationship that exists and the ultimately imponderable nature of our possible nemesis. There follows ‘Us!’ by Andrew Hook, which gives us the ants’ side of a certain famous science fiction film (the clue is in the title), and as far as it goes the account is nicely done, but it doesn’t really have anything to add to the basic idea, is a flash fiction aspiring to be something more substantial.

            Storm Constantine’s ‘In the Earth’ is told from the viewpoint of the child Mawde, who comes to realise that there is something very sinister about her cousin Jeryl, manifested in her cruelty to insects. The story captures perfectly the wonder of country life and the magic of the natural world when seen through the eyes of an impressionable child, but equally it renders true the dark and malevolent powers that reside in such a setting, and the ways in which they can be manipulated. Everything here is suggestion, a chain of coincidence inflated into something terrible, but with the possibility that just maybe there is something to it, that Jeryl has secret powers, and this ambiguity is what makes the story work so well. There’s more than a touch of Carpenter’sThe Fog about ‘Running with the Tide’ by Adrian Cole as the sea withdraws from a coastal town and then mist comes in with wrecked vessels moving in the shadows, but the underlying menace is far more disturbing than any spectral pirates, with the suggestion of marine life finally tiring of men and their attempts to rule the waves. It is told from the viewpoint of Rik, the outsider in a community where they do things differently, a man who seeks acceptance from his new friends and neighbours, and commits to a possibly unwise course to attain that end, in a story that starts slow and minatory, with Cole constantly raising the stakes until something both horrific and awe inspiring arises from the deep.

            Terry Grimwood’s ‘Survivors’ reveals the truth behind that old saying about cockroaches being the only creatures who will survive even a nuclear war, with the crew and passengers of a generation ship returning to a post-apocalyptic Earth in which things are not as they at first seem. It’s a gripping story, one that has more than enough action but along the way addresses such questions as what it means to be human and what kind of compromises will we make simply to survive, with a symbiosis with the cockroaches the path of least resistance. ‘A Taste for Canal Burgers’ by David Rix has a man stumbling out of his comfortable life and into a parallel reality of sorts, where people live on the margins of London society and scavenge for their food. The story is one of adapting to both changed personal circumstances and a changed world, with a recognition that our reality is stranger than we know or care to know, that those who think themselves in charge and at the top of the anthill are in fact carefully making themselves irrelevant through their preference for isolationism. It is, to borrow from Led Zeppelin, a song of hope, one that seems vaguely threatening until revealing that there is in fact nothing to really fear, just things that are different.

            From Pauline E. Dungate we have an engaging little creature feature in which a scientist encounters a flesh eating caterpillar on the remote island of ‘Mariposas del Noche’, with dire consequences, the story doing the business as far as entertaining the reader goes, but with nothing more to offer, no hidden depths. In ‘Wet Season’ by Dennis Etchison, the only reprint in this anthology, suggestion is everything, with a soundtrack of constant rain as a man learns the true nature of the woman he has married, the story all the more powerful for what is left unsaid, with the reader filling in the gaps. Gary Budgen’s story posits a dystopian future in which man’s meddling has wiped out most insect species and for many the only consolation comes from use of the drug ‘Scarab’. There’s an hallucinatory quality to the story, with dreams of a giant insect infecting the reality of the characters, the assured build up leading to an ending that offers us hope of a kind, albeit this too could just be an illusion, the oneiric fancy of some latter day Gregor Samsa, while central to it all is a critique of man’s hubris.

            ‘For the Love of Insects’ by Mark Howard Jones has a young man taken to the isolated home of art world sensation Modril, who paints scenes of giant insects interacting with human beings that are both erotic and strangely disturbing. The story unsettles with its vibrant imagery and hints of something terrible going on in the background, but the eventual resolution of the tale was a bit too predictable for my liking and didn’t live up to the promise of the narrative. In Marion Pitman’s story a man dedicates his life to exterminating ‘Woodworm’ because of a misunderstanding in childhood, the text examining the ways in which obsessions can take root for the smallest of reasons, before offering the protagonist and reader a moment of catharsis. ‘Foreign Bodies’ by Edmund Glasby has film option written all over it, as a group of highly armed marines go to investigate what has happened aboard a drilling platform, where they find a previously unknown life form intent on protecting itself. With a hint of The Thing it’s an entertaining slice of hokum, with nicely drawn characters and convincing combat situations, while underlying it all is a novel idea about the forms life may take.

            Man is once again the author of his own extinction in Frankenstein variation ‘Dissolute Evolution’ by Alan Knott, which takes a swipe at genetic modification of species, but reads rather more like the notes and synopsis for a novel than actual story, with plenty of tell but not so much on show. In contrast John Grant’s ‘Little Helpers’ is a pure delight, as two knights with a penchant for pillage and slaughter find that they may have bit off more than they can chew. Told with tongue firmly in cheek, it’s a sly, amusing tale in which you never doubt the author has something nasty up his sleeve for his protagonists, and waiting for their comeuppance is a pleasure. The protagonist of ‘The Tarantata’ by Richard Mosses has a strange encounter in an isolated Italian village, when he goes with a woman who is bitten by a tarantula, the story reminiscent of Aickman, for the way in which it seems to exist at an oblique angle to consensus reality. Like the character, you have the feeling that something truly bizarre has taken place, far stranger than the actual chain of events as unsettling as they are, but you can’t quite manage to put your finger on what it is, even though you suspect you are at its heart.

            Along with the Grant and the Rix, one of the best stories in the anthology, ‘You Dry Your Tears If They Don’t Work’ by Black Static regular Ralph Robert Moore has two priests trying to protect a young boy from the authorities in a time of social upheaval. As with the preceding story, something truly terrible is lurking in the margins of the narrative, with the back story of a young woman regurgitating a spider hinting at contagion and witchcraft, the tale ending on a note of heroism and tragedy that is truly memorable. A couple desperate to have children resort to Chinese Holistic cures for infertility in ‘Guano Dong Baby’ by Robin Lupton, with somewhat surprising results for one of them. I found this story rather fanciful compared to the others in the book, a merging of fairy folklore with modern scientific method that didn’t quite jell, so that it all seemed slightly unbelievable. Contrarily David Birch’s ‘Spinnentier’ was another story in which obliqueness worked to splendid effect, the story told from the viewpoint of a young boy in a family that makes the Addams brood seem like ordinary joes. The matter of fact narration only reinforces the impression that something truly sinister and inhuman is going on in the background. I loved it, not least for the ambiguous end note.

            ‘The Sweet Meat and the Beet’ by David Turnbull tells the story from the perspective of an insect, the member of a colony, but as the narrative unfolds we realise that something terrible has happened in the world and these creatures are actually the descendants of humanity. It is a picture of a regimented society and hopeless rebellion that deftly draws the reader in, with arch strangeness hanging over it all, though I have a slight doubt that in reality the protagonist would have been as reflective of his situation as the story necessitates. Finally we have the ambitious ‘Chemical Glide’ by Andrew Darlington, set in a reality where the characters are to one degree or another trapped in the visionary trances induced by the eponymous drug. It reads rather like Moorcock’s ‘Dancers at the End of Time milieu crossed with Cluedo and written from a Zoroastrian perspective, or name dropping at least. It’s the longest story in the anthology and I certainly enjoyed it, but primarily in a never mind the sense, let’s just revel in the language, imagery, and ideas kind of way.

25th March 2016

Bumper News: Our collaboration “I Sing The Body Acrostic” has been published in Sein und Werden – Corpus. Thank you for your fabulous contributions. The issue also includes a story by David Turnbull and a poem from Allen Ashley. Link is:

You know you’ve made it when they start interviewing you… read an interview with our very own Gary Budgen here:

This interview is part of the launch for We Were Heroes, a superhero anthology featuring Gary’s story ‘The Exile’.


Gary also has a story, ‘A Figment off Autocue Boulevard’ in the exciting new anthology of modern surrealism from Salo Press, Galaxy of Starfish. It can be found here:


Lastly, Stephen Oram is giving a reading as part of Novel London. Info and tickets here:

Sarah Doyle’s poem “Sea is for Circe” has been Highly Commended in the York Mix poetry competition. It can be read here, along with the competition’s winners and other placed poems:

Sarah also has a poem in issue 2 of excellent lit-mag The Fenland Reed. Details can be found at:

Adam Marks has a piece in the next Seven Eleven anthology. Their site is at:


7th February 2016

 News from Sandra Unerman

Sandra Unerman’s story, “The Winter Queen” is in Midnight Circus, In the Age of Legends, Winter 2016. Her article, “High Stilts”, on the use of language in fiction, is in Focus, the BSFA magazine for writers, Winter 2015/16.

News from Allen Ashley

Allen’s story “Queen of Clubs” has been reformatted and made available as an e-book at NAWE’s “Cut A Long Story” website, which is dedicated to promoting short fiction. You can get the story for just 99p. And it’s more fulfilling than one of those not really ice cream confections in McDonald’s. So, the link is here

News from Gary Budgen

Gary Budgen’s story “The Sea Change” is in pirate anthology Bottle of Rum from Full Moon Books, edited by Dorothy Davies. This story features a gun swallower, a land shark, a Marxist tarot reader and a character who only speaks in lines from The Tempest.

Bottle of Rum.png

News from Stephen Oram

Stephen has just done his first ‘gig’ as Virtual Futures Salon near-future fiction author in residence – is that the sort of thing to include in news?

There’ll be YouTube vids soon


News from Sarah Doyle and Allen Ashley

Sarah is one of the Judges and Allen Ashley is the MC for the North London Regional Round of Poetry By Heart on 11 February 2016.

News from Nick Wood

Last but not least, Clockhouse founder member Nick Wood’s new novel Azanian Bridges. Check out the Amazon link that includes a comment from Ursula Le Guin no less:




28th January 2016

First Publication of 2016

A Clockhouse London Writers collaborative piece “The New Curiosity Shop” has been published online in the debut issue of “Tales” magazine. Their theme was: “Curious”.

Here’s the link to their page:

This issue of “Tales” also contains a poem by Allen Ashley, “Eight Thoughts on Curiosity”

22nd December 2015

Clockhouse is the new Wordland

The publications keep on coming. Clockhouse is widely represented in the latest issue of “Wordland” from the Exaggerated Press. “Wordland 6: Black is the New Black” features stories by David Turnbull and Mark Lewis as well as poems by Sarah Doyle and Allen Ashley.

The new issue of “Sein und Werden” – the “Black-Out” issue – is now live at the “Sein” website and features Clockhouse London Writers’ first ever poetry cycle “Songs That Won The War” as well as the poem “Sergeant Pepper Shuffle” by Allen Ashley and “London Versus” by Adam Marks. Link is:

Another Bumper News Section

21st November 2015

David Turnbull getting a promotional push from fellow Clockhousers for his new story in Young Adventurers:


clockhouse pic (1)

(l-r) Back: Allen Ashley; Adam Marks; Gary Budgen; Stephen Oram.

Front: Sandra Unerman: Madeleine Beresford: Mark Lewis.

Allen Ashley News:

Read an interview with Allen Ashley on the state of the short story at the Futures Less Travelled website. Expect a few strong opinions.




News from Sarah Doyle

Sarah Doyle has just been published in two exciting new anthologies. Her poem “Water” appears in “This Body I Live In” edited by Kate Garrett for Pankhearst Press; while her poem “Love Knots” features (by invitation) in “Hands and Wings”, an anthology of poetry supporting the work of the charity Freedom from Torture. The latter was edited by Dorothy Yamamoto and includes a specially written Foreword by Philip Pullman.

Details of the books can be viewed at these lnks respectively:




29th October 2015

Bumper news section:



Clockhouse founder and award-winning editor Allen Ashley launched his latest anthology “Creeping Crawlers” (Shadow Publishing) on Saturday 24 October at the British Fantasy Society’s Fantasy Con in Nottingham, UK. Comprising stories from 19 authors including Dennis Etchsion and Storm Constantine, the anthology also features Clockhouse London Writers Gary Budgen, Robin Lupton and David Turnbull. Allen, Robin and David were all at the launch and Sarah Doyle caught them on her phone. Enjoy the photos!

“Creeping Crawlers” is already picking up rave reviews. Click on this link to read one of them:

A review of Creeping Crawlers (edited by Allen Ashley)

Creeping Crawlers (edited by Allen Ashley) will be published by Shadow Publishing in October 2015. Information about the editor: Allen is the editor of The Elastic …

Read more…


To order the book, go to Amazon or, better still, the Shadow Publishing website:


  1. Sarah Doyle has won the William Blake Poetry Prize with her poem, “Unholy”. The competition is organised by the Big Blake Project and the University of Chichester, and was judged by George Szirtes, who said in his judge’s report:” … the winner, Unholy, won by a decent length. It … comments on the current refugee situation in striking resounding terms. The last verse has plentiful authority and the simple brutality of the last line carries particularly great power.”Sarah also had a poem, “The Cheater”, placed as a runner-up. Sarah Doyle’s poem “The Scots Girls of Great Yarmouth” was a finalist in the Mslexia poetry competition, and has been published in the new issue of the magazine.3. Sarah Doyle’s poem “The Sting of Salt” has been published in issue 1 of a new lit-mag, “The Fenland Reed”. Sarah Doyle’s poem “Merlings” has been published in issue 1 of the British Fantasy Society’s re-branded “BFS Horizons”.5. Sarah Doyle’s poem “Lamia, Alone” has been published in Three Drops From a Cauldron’s “Samhain Special”:


New short fiction from David Turnbull appears the following – out now or coming soon.
Creeping Crawlers (Shadow Publishing) – ‘The Sweet Meat and the Beet’
Young Adventurers (Intrigue Publishing) – ‘The Wreck of the Blue Plover’
Misunderstood (WolfSinger Publications) – ‘Guys and Trolls’
Frozen Fairy Tales (World Weaver Press) – ‘The Shard of Glass’
Wordland 6: Black (The Exaggerated Press) –  ‘Bicycle – Mastiff – Hawthorne – Hearse’


Mark has a flash fiction accepted for the upcoming Four Seasons anthology by Kind of a Hurricane Press, ‘The Quickening of Seasons’ exploring the effects of catastrophic climate change on the high street fashion industry.


Mark has also had a short piece of fiction accepted for Wordland 6, the Black issue.  In ‘Black Planet’ a man wakes to the horror of finding the world has gone dark.



Four titles from Thirteen O’clock Press were released on the 30th September. Gary Budgen has eleven stories across them, listed below. These books are available from Amazon, Lulu or the Horrified Press website.


“Moving Towards the Singularity”


“The Man from Network Services”

“Those Were Pearls that were his Eyes”

In I am Woman, I am Man from Thirteen O’Clock Press edited by Dorothy Davies

“The Pale Horse”

“The Troll Doll”

“The Summer Garden”


In Toybox from Thirteen O’Clock Press edited by Dorothy Davies

“Deltic Oracle” in Killer Tracks from Thirteen O’Clock Press edited by Dorothy Davies

“Synthetic Noir”

“The Secret Atlantic”

In X2 Anthology from Thirteen O’Clock Press edited by Dorothy Davies



23rd September

Clockhouse in Sein und Werden

The latest issue of British Fantasy Society award nominated magazine Sein und Werden is out. The theme is Automata.

There is a collective Clockhouse story as well as solo pieces by Clockhouse members Allen Ashley, Gary Budgen and David Turnbull. Lots of other brilliant stuff as well. Find it at:

30th August

News from Sandra Unerman

Sandra has two stories out. “The Harper of Stone” is in Frostfire Worlds (dated May) and  “Thorncandle House” is in the August issue of Sword and Sorcery online magazine.

22nd July

David Turnbull’s ‘The Trail Behind Me is a Winding Trail’ and Gary Budgen’s “The Third Marlowe” are both in “We Can Improve You from Boo Books edited by Alex Davis and Brian Marshall. July 2015.

The book was launched over the weekend at Edge-Lit 4, in Derby. This was a fantastic event with great panels and workshops. The book has some other great authors. Available from Boo Books. Kindle edition available on Amazon.

18th June

Clockhouse London Writers are in the latest issue of Sein und Werden. There are two collective stories plus pieces by Adam Marks, Sarah Doyle, Gary Budgen and Allen Ashley.

Check it out here:

8th June 2015 Clockhouse writers Sarah Doyle and Allen Ashley have recently had poems published at the “Three Drops From A Cauldron” website. To read Sarah’s poem “Unfamiliar” click on this link: To read Allen’s poem “The Green Man” click on this link: This website was introduced to the group at a Clockhouse meeting and Allen substantially wrote his poem during one of our sessions. 29th May 2015 News from David Turnbull David Turnbull’s flash fiction story ‘The Misfortune Cookie’ appears in this week’s online issue of Theme of Absence Magazine, along with a short interview. 28th May 2015 Twice Upon a Time Cover Twice upon a Time. Clockhouse London Writers members Gary Budgen, Sarah Doyle and Mark Lewis all have pieces in Twice upon a Time from Kind of a Hurricane Press. This anthology is a bumper collection of reimagined fairy tales edited by A.J.Huffman and April Salzano. Available in print and e-book from and the publisher’s website: 10th May 2015 photo Clockhouse member Sarah Doyle’s poem “The Sweeper’s Tale” has just been published in a new anthology, ‘Petals in the Pan’, from American publisher ‘Kind of a Hurricane Press’. For more details, including how to purchase the book, please visit: 19th April 2015 The Rising Shadow website has a review of Sensorama. Read it here: This is a great review including: “This anthology is one of the most entertaining, rewarding and thought-provoking anthologies I’ve ever read, and I dare say that it may well be the best anthology of the year.” 12th April 2015

David Turnbull’s story ‘Alice, Last of the Beating Hearts’ features in Leap Books’ Alice in Wonderland 150th Anniversary anthology – Beware the Little White Rabbit.
And a video trailer for the book can be found here –

2nd April 2015 Clockhouse Crashes “Sein und Werden” Again Clockhouse founder Allen Ashley recently guest-edited the online magazine “Sein und Werden” and set the theme of “The Restless Consumer”. In a bumper issue that includes stories, poems, an article, an interview, artwork and video content, Allen has also taken brand new work by Clockhouse London Writers Sarah Doyle (“Black Friday, Blue Monday”, Mark Lewis (“Racing The Clock”) and David Turnbull (“Retail Extinction”). Click on the direct link to savour this issue: 17th February 2015 Sensorama by Eibonvale Press. Edited by Clockhouse London Writers’ Alan Ashley and featuring fellow Clockhousers, David Turnbull, David McGroarty and Gary Budgen. Available from Eibonvale Press: Sensorama_full 6th February 2015 Launch of Sensorama: Stories of the Senses. The launch date for the anthology “Sensorama: Stories of the Senses” has now been announced. The anthology is edited by Clockhouse London Writers founder Allen Ashley, and published by David Rix’s Eibonvale Press. The anthology features stories by Clockhouse members Gary Budgen, David McGroarty and David Turnbull. The launch will take place as part of the British Fantasy Society Open Night on the evening of Friday 6 March 2015. The venue is: The Blacksmith & the Toffeemaker pub, St. John’s Street, London, UK. In terms of transport: you are recommended to take the tube to Angel station (Northern Line). Timings are fluid – BFS nights usually run from about 6pm to 11pm. The official launch is likely to occur around about 8pm. There will be hardback copies of the book available at the launch at a guide price of £15 on the night. There should also be cheaper paperback copies available as well. Each purchase will guarantee the buyer a raffle ticket which offers the chance to win the original framed artwork for the front cover! BFS Nights are friendly, welcoming and a great chance to put faces to names within the genre. Eibonvale has previously held successful BFS launches Allen Ashley’s anthology “Where Are We Going?” and for “Tallest Stories” by Rhys Hughes. 21st December

Gary Power’s published story ‘Deeper Than Dark Water’ Black Book 10, 2014 was e-published in the ‘Vault of Evil’ advent calendar, Dec 17th. and search advent calendar.
Also check out Gary’s new website at:

20th December Clockhouse’s collaborative “Now We Are Ten” story has been published in the new “Sein und Werden”.  The issue also includes stories by Allen Ashley and Gary Budgen. Link is here: 14th October

David Turnbull’s story ‘The Book of Remembrance’ was the winner of the September ‘Cult of Me’ flash fiction competition.
His story ‘He Slashed Some Lines for Whiskers’ will feature at the Liars League monthly live reading on Tuesday 14th October.

3dreaming_spheres 3rd September 2014 News from Sarah Doyle and Allen Ashley Sarah Doyle and Allen Ashley are pleased to announce that their debut poetry collaboration “Dreaming Spheres: Poems of the Solar System” is now available for pre-order from the PS Publishing website. PS are World fantasy award winning publishers whose roster includes Stephen King, Ramsey Campbell and Joanne Harris. Retailing for £12, the link to this prestigious hardback is here:–sarah-doyle-2245-p.asp From the blurb: “Have you ever wondered what Planet Earth thinks of us?  Or what the Moon has to say about the Earth?  How about which astronomical bodies are going through an acrimonious custody battle, or coping with a prodigal satellite?  Who is the clown of the Solar System?  And just what is the deal with those pesky asteroids? In ‘Dreaming Spheres: Poems of the Solar System’, Sarah Doyle and Allen Ashley answer all of these questions, and more.  Incorporating science fiction speculation, science fact, fantastic extrapolation and mythology, these poems will take you on a voyage of discovery from the Sun at the centre of our great gyratory system all the way out to Pluto and beyond.” Allen and Sarah will be officially launching the book at The British Fantasy Society’s “Fantasy Con 2014” in York, with a reading from the book at 1.20pm and a book signing at 5pm on Saturday 6 September. News from Sandra Unerman In the last 12 months, Sandra Unerman has had stories published in Legends (NewCon Press), Breaking the Rules (Boo Books), The BFS Journal, issue 11 and Worms (Knightwatch Press). Her flash fiction is available at the Tube Flash website (Bow Road Station) and at the Grievous Angel (Urban Fantasist) for 31July. News from Allen Ashley, Gary Budgen and Rima Devereaux In this year of commemorating the outbreak of the First World War, Clockhouse Writers Rima Devereaux and Allen Ashley both have stories due in a First World War themed anthology due on September 6th from Alchemy Press. The anthology is called Kneeling in the Silver Light and has been edited by Dean Drinkel. Rima’s story is entitled “The Secret of Blackwater Island” and Allen’s is “Somme-Nambula”. The anthology is bookended by two Rupert Brooke poems; otherwise it’s modern, living authors such as Chris Fowler, Christine Morgan, Mike Chinn and so forth. The book will be launched at the British Fantasy society’s “Fantasy Con 2014” in York. Gary Budgen also has a First World War connected story, ‘Ghost Man of Mars’ in the Rogue Planet anthology Barbarians of the Red Planet News from David Turnbull David Turnbull’s short story ‘Meat is Murder’ was short listed for the recent Almond Press Dystopian Stories competition and will now appear in the published collection ‘Broken Worlds’ alongside the winning story ‘The Sad Man’ by Thomas Brown.

July 6th
Mark Lewis’s ghost story ‘Would Suit Single Working Male’ has got through to round two of Crystal Lake’s short story competition. Fingers crossed for round two! Here are the competition details: The other good news is his story ‘Candyman’ had been accepted for the Just A Touch Of Saccharine anthology. This is an intriguing project – confectionery based stories. So think David Cronenburg meets Willy Wonka!
June 19th
David Turnbull celebrating the World Cup with a hat-trick of short story acceptances.
They are.
The Sound Cyclones in Sensorama (Eibonvale Press)
Hargmir, Ghost of Dragons in Different Dragons II (Wolfsinger Publications)
I Want Candy in A Taste of Saccharine (Kind of a Hurricane Press)

Also check out David’s website at:

15th June

Allen Ashley’s “Creeping Blue” is a brand new story in “Journeys into Darkness” in the company of Ramsey Campbell, Simon Clark, Peter Straub et al. The book is edited by Trevor Denyer and is dedicated to the late Joel Lane. Allen’s appreciation of Joel’s life, “Brother’s in Arms” is included in the book.

5th June

The latest issue of the always excellent Sein und Werden is out. A collaborative story by Clockhouse writers:  Sandra Unerman, David Turnbull, Susan Oke, Mark Lewis, Gary Budgen, Rima Devereaux, Allen Ashley, Sarah Doyle, David McGroarty is included.

There are also solo pieces by Allen Ashley and Gary Budgen.

7th May

 Sarah Doyle’s wonderful story, “The Eye of the Beholder” is now live at the Tube Flash site. Check it out.

23rd April

 is out with work by some of the Clockhouse Writers. There are stories by Allen Ashley, Gary Budgen and Sarah Doyle plus a poem by Allen Ashley and Sandra Unerman.

4th April

The latest Sein und Werden hosts a bumper crop of Clockhouse work. There are pieces by Allen Ashley, Mark Lewis, Susan Oke, David Turnbull as well as a collective piece by the group.

Check it out at: David Turnbull’s Tube Flash “Kew Gardens – A Confetti Western” is up on the Tube Flash. The Casket website. The link is here:

24th March

Clockhouse in ‘Breaking the Rules’.

‘Breaking the Rules’ from Boo Books, edited by Alex Davis features stories by no less than four Clockhouse Writers: Sandra Unerman, David Turnbull, Gary Budgen and Allen Ashley.

The theme of the anthology is games.

Find out more at:

6th March

The poem “Synaesthteic Supermarket” by Allen Ashley and Rima Devereaux has been published by “Synaesthesia” online magazine in their February 2014 “Nonsense” issue. The magazine is beautifully illustrated. The link is here:

21st February

News from Allen Ashley and Gary Budgen The new British Fantasy Society Journal is out. This has various pieces from Allen Ashley and a short story by Gary Budgen. Gary also has a story  ‘The Heart of the Labyrinth’ in Issue 2 of Body Parts online/print on demand magazine. It can be found here:

1st February

David Turnbull’s short story ‘The Wunderhorn’ features in Vol II of the two volume Chimerical World Anthology due for release in the first week of February on Seventh Star Press

23rd January 2014

Mark Lewis’ fiction is featured this week, in the Casket of Fictional Delights’ Tube Flash:

Also, his previous Tube Flash is now available as part of an audio stream here:

7th January 2014

News from Allen Ashley

Peter Coleborn has posted an interview with Allen at the Alchemy Press website, about my recent “Astrologica” anthology. The link is:

15th December

News from Gary Power

Gary Power’s story “Road to Hell” is appearing on the ‘The Vault of Evil’ forum site as Mr Sunday, 15th December in the advent calendar.

7th December

Clockhouse in Sein und Werden

Clockhouse Writers has a joint publication in the Winter 2013 issue of Sein und Werden. This piece, “Faithful Acrostics”  is a set of acrostic poems based around the issues theme of Auto de Fe.

5th December

Gary Power’s story  has been accepted on the ‘Vault of Evil’ forum website for their December advent calendar. Date to follow.

27th November

Read an interview with Clockhouse’s David Turnbull on the Alchemy Press website:

16th November

On November 1st 2013, Allen Ashley celebrated the launch of his tenth book – this time as editor of “Astrologica: stories of the Zodiac” (Alchemy Press). Clockhouse writer David Turnbull wrote the story for Aries.

7th November

Mark Lewis’ flash fiction, 17:46 Patience is a Virtue (originally published on the London Literary Project site) is featured in the just-released Smoothly from Harrow: A Compendium for the London Commuter. This is a great project, as someone anyone who has put a lot of commuting hours in will be able to testify!

The 21st century commuter is a tragic hero. Long-suffering, long-journeying and subject to lengthy delays, he survives through an iron will and by burying his head in a freesheet. Chris Moss’s Smoothly from Harrow takes its title from John Betjeman, the bard of Metro-land, but brings the world of the London commuter up to date with facts and fictions, poems and propaganda, statistics and self-help advice. Did you know that John le Carre, Mrs Beeton and Henry VIII were commuters? Did you know Waterloo station ‘processes’ more than 94 million passengers a year? Did you know that you are not just a number, but a modern-day, latte-drinking flaneur – London’s key witness, greatest survivor and chief psychogeographer? This compendium will help you get through the dawns and dusks of your eternal, everyday, Herculean trial: to get to work and back.

26th October

David Turnbull’s short story ‘The Enternal Quest of the Girl with the Corkscrew Hair’ will appear in the two volume anthology ‘Girl at the End of the World’ due for release by Fox Spirit Books in February 2014. Also his short story ‘The Potency of Names’ will appear in the ‘Tell Me A Fable’ anthology due for publication by Dark Opus Press, publishers of Bete Noire Magazine.

26th October

Sandra Unerman’s  short story, “Mountain Tea”, is being published in Legends, an anthology from Newcon Press, in honour of David Gemmell, due to be launched at the World Fantasy Convention on 31 October.

8th October  2013

Allen Ashley Latest Publications Short story: “King Ted” in the British Fantasy Society’s slightly delayed “BFS Journal August 2013” Short story: “Snow Crime” in issue 44 of “Theaker’s Quarterly”. Poem “Mill Hill Boys” in print in “N2 Magazine” issue 3. Poem: “Glamour Puss” online in the “Glamourama” edition of “Sein und Werden”. Link to the latter is here: Article:  my article about writing collaborations – “Doing the Duet” – was published in the “BFS e-Newsletter 2 October 2013”

17th September 2013

Listen to a podcast of David Turnbull’s fantasy story ‘The Drove of Maris Charlottes’ read by Stephanie Morris and broadcast on the Cast of Wonders Website.

12 September 2013

Mark Lewis’ flash fiction ‘A Walk in the Park’ has been unleashed at the intriguing Tube Flash project, part of the Casket of Fictional Delights.  Have a look here:
2nd September
Allen Ashley is a runner-up in the Science Fiction category of the 2013 Bulwer-Lytton prize.  This prize, sponsored by the University of San Jose since 1982, challenges the writer to compose the first sentence of the worst possible novel imaginable. Follow  the link here for full text of winners, runners up and dishonourable mentions:
21st August 2013
Nick Wood’s story, “Azania”, published in AfroSF, has received an honourable mention from Gardner Dozois’ Year’s Best SF (30th edition), just released, covering short SF from last year. Well done Nick.

16th July 2013

David Turnbull’s short story ‘Austerity Girl Saves Deptford’ has won the prize for the wackiest story in Revolt Daily’s ‘Different Kind of Superhero’ competition. The story, fearuring a down on her luck superhero, struggling to fight crime in the face of public service cuts, who has to do battle with her arch nemisis, a kind of racist Incredible Hulk called the Intolerant Thug, will appear shortly on the Revolt Daily  Web Site –

11th July 2013

Allen Ashley has had a story entitled “On the Level” published in the railways themed anthology “Rustblind and Silverbright” edited by David Rix (Eibonvale Press). The book was launched at a packed reading event at the Review Bookshop in Peckham on 4 July and Allen was Master of Ceremonies for the evening, which saw a gathering of many great names in the independent press such as Nina Allan, Des Lewis, Trevor Denyer, Roseanne Rabinowitz, Doug Thompson, Andrew Hook and many more

30th June 2013

Clockhouse goes live!

'In Art We Trust' Small Version for publicity

Clockhouse London Writers will be performing readings of their work at the ‘In Art We Trust Event’

We will be reading from 5.30 to 6.30 on Sunday 14th July.

The event is at the he Bull Theatre, 68 High Street, Barnet EN5 5SJ.

The event runs from Thursday 14th. There is also an art exhibition including paitings,  sculpture, installations and video. Twenty-five different artists are taking part. It is curated by Roseanne Artisan.

19th June 2013

4 Horrors

Allen Ashley, Gary Budgen, Mark Lewis and David Turnbull all have work in Another Hundred Horrors. Each story is 100 words long and there are 100 stories.


Available on Amazon now.

19th June 2013

News from Gary Power

‘Deeper than Dark Water’ which will appear in the forthcoming ‘Tenth Black Book of Horror’ from Mortbury Press.

‘The Whispering Wood’ which will appear in the forthcoming ‘Blood Volume’ by Fantastic Horror, an American e-zine and print publisher

28th May 2013

A Video trailer for the forthcoming Whortleberry Press Tribute to Ray Bradbury ‘Dandelions of Mars’ which includes a story from Clockhouse writer David Turnbull can be viewed here.

12th May 2013

Allen Ashley has recently had 3 poems published. Two are in the online magazine “Wordland 3: What They saw in the Sky”, edited by Terry Grimwood. Allen’s poems are “Beyond The Shard” and “Nocturnal Contemplation”. You will also find work by Sarah Doyle, Rhys Hughes, Douglas Thompson, Gary Couzens, A. J. Kirby and others at this link:

Allen has also had a non-genre poem “Night, Clifftop, Cromer” published in issue 22 of the poetry magazine “The Dawn Treader” from Indigo Dreams Press.

8th May 2013 David Turnbull’s story “Wormwood and Dry Rot” will appear in the coming issue of Lisette’s Tales of the Imagination. It is a follow up to his story “A Dark Apothocary”, which appeared in the December 2012 issue of the same magazine. Check out the details at: 3rd May 2013 News from Madeleine Beresford and Gary Budgen Theaker’s Quarterly Fiction issue 43 includes stories by Madeleine Beresford and Gary Budgen. Madeleine’s  story , “Diving Bird” is about a future London and starts off on Sydenham train station. 10th April 2013 Clockhouse Breaks the Rules Allen Ashley, Gary Budgen, David Turnbull and Sandra Unerman all have stories in the forthcoming anthology, Breaking the Rules edited by Alex Davis. David Turnbull’s story, “Riot Season” started lifew as part of an exercise at the Clockhouse London Writers’ meetings. 9th April 2013 News from Mark Lewis New tracks available from International Electromatics, the EBM project Mark Lewis writes lyrics for.  Ideal for people who like electronic music from artists such as Depeche Mode, Karl Bartos, Front 242,, Frontline Assembly and their ilk.  Dystopian electronic music.  Follow this link to listen: 5th April 2013 News from David Turnbull David Turnbull’s story “These Red Deserts Are Ours”  will appear in Dandelions on Mars – an anthology in tribute to Ray Bradbury due for publication by Whortleberry Press on the 1st anniversary of the author’s death. 26th March 2013 News from the Clockhouse The latest issue of the excellent Sein und Werden edited by Rachel Kendell is out. The story “Centuria and the Exquisite Corpse” by Clockhouse London Writers is featured. There are also stories by Allen Ashley and Gary Budgen. Check it out at: 24th March 2013 News from Mark Lewis This is Mark’s entry to Pink Mist’s flash fiction competition.  The challenge was to write a piece including the words ‘pink’ and ‘mist’ in under 111 words.  Great fun.

23rd March 2013 News from David Turnbull

David Turnbull’s story ‘Citizen’ will appear in Black Apples a Belladonna Publishing anthology which will be available in English, Swedish and Norwegian. Further details here.

22nd March 2013 News from Gary Budgen Gary Budgen’s story “The Wind from the Sea” has been accepted for the anthology Sweet Dreams and Night Terrors from Static Movement, edited by Ron Koppelberger. 19th March 2013 News from Nick Wood The World SF Blog have published Nick Wood’s story ‘Case Notes of a Witchdoctor’. Check the story out at:

19th March 2013

News from David Turnbull
David Turnbull’s 111 word flash fiction ‘Skills’ appears on the Pink Mist Web sites at the following link

10th March 2013 News from David Turnbull David Turnbull’s short story ‘The Necromancer’s Reel’ will be published in the Alter Press Anthology ‘Dread Time Tales’ and his story ‘Ugly’ will feature in ‘Black’ a collection of Cinderalla stories due to be published as part of Fringework’s ‘Grimm and Grimmer’ series of ebooks. 3rd March 2013 Clockhouse writers in the Another Hundred Horrors anthology. Allen Ashley’s “Kill Your Gods”; Gary Budgen’s “Dark Glass”; Mark Lewis’s “Winter of Abomination”; and David Turnball’s “Endlessly Falling”,  are all to be published in the next few months in the Another Hundred Horrors anthology from Cruentus Libri Press edited by Kevin G. Bufton . All the stories are exactly 100 words long, which should make for an fascinating anthology. 28th February 2013 Clockhouse Success on the Tube Flash project. Sandra Unerman, Mark Lewis and Gary Budgen will all have pieces on the Tube Flash Project. This project is run by the Casket of Fictional Delight. This is an interesting project that where a piece of flash fiction is linked to a London tube station and/ or one of the brooches that Joanna Sterling, who runs the site, has associated with it. The stories are not yet up but you can check out the site at: 27th February 2013 The collective piece of  “Centuria and the Exquisite Corpse”, by the Clockhouse London Writers will appear in Sein und Werden in the Exquisite Corpse issue. The piece orginated using the exquisite corpse game that the Surrealists used to play to produce a collective work of art; you might know it as the children’s game where somebody draws a head, folds over the page then the next person draws a body etc. We did this as a piece of writing around a theme and the results were collated by Allen Ashley. Details of this issue can be found at 23rd February 2013 News from Mark Lewis The latest issue of the magazine of experimental Art and Literature, guest-edited by Rhys Hughes features flash fiction from Mark Lewis, Under the Clockwork Sun. Here are the details:

22nd February 2013 News from Gary Budgen

Gary Budgen’s story “Like a River Running” is to be in the print anthology Suffer Eternal Vol 2 from Horrified Press, edited by Nathan Rowark.

15th February 2013 News from Gary Budgen Gary Budgen’s flash story “Through the Ages”  is to be published in the next issue of Theaker’s Quarterly Fiction. 13th February 2013 News from Mark Lewis Not only does the latest BFS Journal feature the first collaboration by the Clockhouse Writers but you will also find a poem by Mark Lewis called “Choose Your Own Adventure”. 13th February 2013 First Collective Publication Clockhouse London Writers has its first collective publication, “6 Word Stories” in the latest issue of the BFS Journal; regular publication of the British Fantasy Society. 9th February 2013

David Turnbull’s piece 13:37 – ‘The Wilberforce Oak on the London Loop’ is on the London Literary Project Tick Tock London clock site.

5th February 2013

David Turnbull’s children’s fantasy story ‘The Boy With The Lead Boots’ appears in the third Knowonder   story anthology ‘Nerissa’s Celebration’. The story can be read here.
The anthology itself is available from Amazon.

4th February 2013 News from Allen Ashley: On Sunday 10 February 2013, Allen Ashley will be co-hosting a Jazz Poetry event – “The Sunday Edition” – along with poet Sarah Doyle, at the Dugdale Centre, 39 London Road, Enfield EN2 6DS. This exciting new venture kicks off at 7pm and promises to be a brilliant night out. Allen will be performing a 20 minute set, including excerpts from “Dreaming Spheres”. Other featured guests are Jacqueline Saphra and Anthony Fisher. The jazz band is Special Edition whose line-up includes legendary fretless bassist Louis Cennamo (Renaissance, The Herd, Colosseum, Armageddon). As well as the band accompanying the featured guest poets, there is an “Open Mic” slot with the opportunity to come and read your poem accompanied by a top jazz band. The Dugdale Centre is just off the A105. There is ample pay parking nearby. Several buses serve the area, including the 329. Enfield Town rail station is less than 5 minutes walk away. Tickets £11; or £10 online. Phone: 020 8807 6680 4th February 2013 Gary Budgen’s story “Mr Green” will be published in the Urban Green Man anthology that will launch at  Calgary’s When Words Collide in August. 4th February 2013 Clockhouse writers Nick Wood and Sandra Unerman both have pieces in the latest Focus, the magazine from the BSFA (British Science Fiction Association) for writers. They reflect on their experiences on the MA in Creative Writing at Middlesex University. 30th January 2013 Madeleine Beresford’s poem “Under the Light” will be published in the next edition of the BFS Journal. Her short story “Diving Bird” will be in the March edition of Theaker’s Quarterly. 20th January 2013 Gary Budgen’s piece: “11:12 Below Victoria Embankment” is on the London Literary Project Tick Tock London clock site. 16th January 2013 Mark Lewis’s piece ‘Evening commute Canary Wharf tube station’ is also on the London Literary Project’s Tick Tock London clock project. Check it out: 12th January 2013 Madeleine Beresford’s 250 flash fiction set around South End Green in Hampstead was featured on the London Literary Project’s Tick Tock London clock on Sunday 13th January. 10th January 2013 News from Dave Turnball

A new short story set in the world depicted in my children’s fantasy novel The Tale of Euan Redcap is now available for free on the Knowonder web site. Toward the end of Chapter Two of the book Euan remembers a story his grandfather told him about a dragon that made its lair in the Low Counties. A Dragon on the High Hill tells the story of how Euan’s grandfather Wil Redcap encountered that dragon. Read it now. The story is also included in the Knowonder Anthology The White Sail available in print or for kindle from Amazon. Further updates on The Tale of Euan Redcap can be found here

A Dragon on High Hill: a collection of great bedtime stories | knowonder! »

When a dragon is spotted on High Hill, young Wil sneaks away to get a glimpse and finds more than expected.

17th December 2012 News from Allen Ashley Glasgow Talk and Workshop On Thursday 20 December 2012, I am a special guest of the Scottish Writers Centre. From 5.30pm to 7pm I shall be running a workshop entitled “Getting Started”. It will do exactly what it says – help you to get started with story ideas. Anyone who has been to an Allen Ashley workshop before will know that I always focus on the practical and active aspects rather than theory. Straight after that, I’m giving a small talk as part of the launch event for Douglas Thompson’s two new books “Mechagnosis” and “Entanglement”. Doug will be reading from his new novels. My workshop costs only £6 for the ninety minutes duration – that’s better value than an English or Scottish Premier league match! Attendance at the reading is free. The event takes place at: Glasgow’s CCA (Centre for Contemporary Arts) in Sauchiehall Street this Thursday evening (20th December 2012). Douglas has two new books out, Mechagnosis and Entanglement, loosely speaking one Horror the other Sci Fi. So something for everyone and a good excuse for a party afterwards. Such luminaries as Hal Duncan, Neil Williamson, Ian Hunter and Kirsty Logan intend to be among the audience. More details here:


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