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Bumper news section for February

7th February 2016

 News from Sandra Unerman

Sandra Unerman’s story, “The Winter Queen” is in Midnight Circus, In the Age of Legends, Winter 2016. Her article, “High Stilts”, on the use of language in fiction, is in Focus, the BSFA magazine for writers, Winter 2015/16.

News from Allen Ashley

Allen’s story “Queen of Clubs” has been reformatted and made available as an e-book at NAWE’s “Cut A Long Story” website, which is dedicated to promoting short fiction. You can get the story for just 99p. And it’s more fulfilling than one of those not really ice cream confections in McDonald’s. So, the link is here

News from Gary Budgen

Gary Budgen’s story “The Sea Change” is in pirate anthology Bottle of Rum from Full Moon Books, edited by Dorothy Davies. This story features a gun swallower, a land shark, a Marxist tarot reader and a character who only speaks in lines from The Tempest.

Bottle of Rum

News from Stephen Oram

Stephen has just done his first ‘gig’ as Virtual Futures Salon near-future fiction author in residence – is that the sort of thing to include in news?

There’ll be YouTube vids soon

News from Sarah Doyle and Allen Ashley

Sarah is one of the Judges and Allen Ashley is the MC for the North London Regional Round of Poetry By Heart on 11 February 2016.

News from Nick Wood

Last but not least, Clockhouse founder member Nick Wood’s new novel Azanian Bridges. Check out the Amazon link that includes a comment from Ursula Le Guin no less:



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