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Bumper Clockhouse news update










Clockhouse founder and award-winning editor Allen Ashley launched his latest anthology “Creeping Crawlers” (Shadow Publishing) on Saturday 24 October at the British Fantasy Society’s Fantasy Con in Nottingham, UK. Comprising stories from 19 authors including Dennis Etchsion and Storm Constantine, the anthology also features Clockhouse London Writers Gary Budgen, Robin Lupton and David Turnbull. Allen, Robin and David were all at the launch and Sarah Doyle caught them on her phone. Enjoy the photos!

“Creeping Crawlers” is already picking up rave reviews. Click on this link to read one of them:

A review of Creeping Crawlers (edited by Allen Ashley)

Creeping Crawlers (edited by Allen Ashley) will be published by Shadow Publishing in October 2015. Information about the editor: Allen is the editor of The Elastic …

Read more…


To order the book, go to Amazon or, better still, the Shadow Publishing website:


  1. Sarah Doyle has won the William Blake Poetry Prize with her poem, “Unholy”. The competition is organised by the Big Blake Project and the University of Chichester, and was judged by George Szirtes, who said in his judge’s report:” … the winner, Unholy, won by a decent length. It … comments on the current refugee situation in striking resounding terms. The last verse has plentiful authority and the simple brutality of the last line carries particularly great power.”Sarah also had a poem, “The Cheater”, placed as a runner-up.

    2. Sarah Doyle’s poem “The Scots Girls of Great Yarmouth” was a finalist in the Mslexia poetry competition, and has been published in the new issue of the magazine.

    3. Sarah Doyle’s poem “The Sting of Salt” has been published in issue 1 of a new lit-mag, “The Fenland Reed”.

    4. Sarah Doyle’s poem “Merlings” has been published in issue 1 of the British Fantasy Society’s re-branded “BFS Horizons”.

    5. Sarah Doyle’s poem “Lamia, Alone” has been published in Three Drops From a Cauldron’s “Samhain Special”:

New short fiction from David Turnbull appears the following – out now or coming soon.
Creeping Crawlers (Shadow Publishing) – ‘The Sweet Meat and the Beet’
Young Adventurers (Intrigue Publishing) – ‘The Wreck of the Blue Plover’
Misunderstood (WolfSinger Publications) – ‘Guys and Trolls’
Frozen Fairy Tales (World Weaver Press) – ‘The Shard of Glass’
Wordland 6: Black (The Exaggerated Press) –  ‘Bicycle – Mastiff – Hawthorne – Hearse’


Mark has a flash fiction accepted for the upcoming Four Seasons anthology by Kind of a Hurricane Press, ‘The Quickening of Seasons’ exploring the effects of catastrophic climate change on the high street fashion industry.


Mark has also had a short piece of fiction accepted for Wordland 6, the Black issue.  In ‘Black Planet’ a man wakes to the horror of finding the world has gone dark.



Four titles from Thirteen O’clock Press were released on the 30th September. Gary Budgen has eleven stories across them, listed below. These books are available from Amazon, Lulu or the Horrified Press website.


“Moving Towards the Singularity”


“The Man from Network Services”

“Those Were Pearls that were his Eyes”

In I am Woman, I am Man from Thirteen O’Clock Press edited by Dorothy Davies

“The Pale Horse”

“The Troll Doll”

“The Summer Garden”


In Toybox from Thirteen O’Clock Press edited by Dorothy Davies

“Deltic Oracle” in Killer Tracks from Thirteen O’Clock Press edited by Dorothy Davies

“Synthetic Noir”

“The Secret Atlantic”

In X2 Anthology from Thirteen O’Clock Press edited by Dorothy Davies


“Scarab” in Creeping Crawlers (Shadow Publishing)

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