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News from Allen Ashley, Gary Budgen and Rima Devereaux

In this year of commemorating the outbreak of the First World War, Clockhouse Writers Rima Devereaux and Allen Ashley both have stories due in a First World War themed anthology due on September 6th from Alchemy Press. The anthology is called Kneeling in the Silver Light and has been edited by Dean Drinkel. Rima’s story is entitled “The Secret of Blackwater Island” and Allen’s is “Somme-Nambula”. The anthology is bookended by two Rupert Brooke poems; otherwise it’s modern, living authors such as Chris Fowler, Christine Morgan, Mike Chinn and so forth. The book will be launched at the British Fantasy society’s “Fantasy Con 2014” in York.

Gary Budgen also has a First World War connected story, ‘Ghost Man of Mars’ in the Rogue Planet anthology Barbarians of the Red Planet

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